Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grilled Cheese and Home Made Tomato Soup

Hi Friends,

This is easy to do and so warm and yummy.
I know what you are thinking, why make soup when I can just open a can?
Reason #1: It taste's better.
Reason #2: It is better for you.
What you will need for the soup:

If you have gone ahead and canned any tomatoes this season this is the time to bust open a jar. If you have not and would like to see how I have a post on my other blog about it. If you are going to make this soup, but do not have time to can right now then simply purchase about five beefy tomatoes. You need to remove their skin, which is called blanching. Simply put the tomatoes one at a time in boiling water for about 20 seconds. Remove with tongs and place in a bowl of ice water. The skin will peel right off. When you have finished this boil your tomatoes for about twenty minutes. Now, you are caught up! I highly suggest adding a little bit of lemon juice. When you can tomatoes you add lemon juice and thus when I made this soup it had a hint of lemon and was delicious.

Step 1:
Take your canned tomatoes or freshly boiled tomatoes (with added lemon juice) and put them in your food processor to really dice them up into what will look like tomato juice.
Step 2:
Place the tomatoes in a pot and heat them up to a boil.
Step 3:
Add fresh basil (it is so much fun to grow your own and so easy!)
Step 4:
Add garlic

Step 5: Add a cup of milk

Stir, heat, and serve.

Meanwhile, make your grilled cheese sandwiches. You can always add some tomato to them for an extra kick.

If you already have your canned tomatoes this meal is so easy. It took me a total of FIVE minutes start to finish and it was very good. If you do not have time for canning right now and do not have fresh tomatoes you CAN USE STORE BOUGHT CANNED tomatoes. Just remember to add a bit of lemon juice!

You can freeze any leftover soup for later.


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Sarah Anne said...

by the way... growing basil is NOT SO EASY! I can't grow anything. :<( Boo-hoo... Maybe next season I will try again.