Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New to our blog? Start Here!

Welcome to our Meal Planning Blog! We are 3 stay at home mom's who have different ways of blogging and cooking (to name a few...). We all support the benefits of meal planning and hope that you can use our site to benefit your family!

There are several ways you can use our meal planning blog:

1. As a GUIDE- You may not want to follow our meal plans exactly from day to day, but our recipes are a great way to fill in days that you need to fill in your own menu plan.

2. As your weekly MEAL PLAN- The way our blog is set up we post a meal plan and grocery list on Sunday. Daily we add the recipes for the meal plan that week. You can use the recipes as they are posted for the current week or save them to use for the following week.

3. As your RECIPE BOX- Have chicken on hand? or maybe rice and beef? Use the "search" option at the top left of our blog to type in an item you have on hand for dinner. The search engine will then pull up ALL of the recipes (and some grocery lists) that have that item included.

Also, on the right sidebar we have categorized all of our meal plans by mommy. You can choose from each mom: Out of the Box; The Frugal Table and The Tasty Green to choose a recipe you want to try.

4. To learn FRUGAL,HEALTHY and NEW ways to cook in the kitchen- None of us claim to be chefs or even pros in the kitchen. We will tell you honestly what things cost, what is healthy and what may not be, tips for the kitchen (we have learned through our own mistakes) and recipe flops we may not recommend trying!

Whatever your need may be for our blog, we hope that you visit often! We are still figuring out how to make this blog most effective for our readers. If you have any input, we would love to hear from you! Please click on contact information to let us know your thoughts!


jsprik said...

wanted to leave you a link...

thanks again!! don't think this is spam,it's not!! i paid tribute to your blog on mine today!!

Sara said...

I just found your blog adn love it! I couldn't find the search feature you mention on the "start here" page. Can you help me out? Has the layout changed?

Ashley said...

I was searching for some good dinner ideas and came across your blog. This blog is awesome and I love the pics and the grocery list, very helpful. The funny thing is I went to see who the mommies are and I noticed we all went to Olivet. keep posting recipes they taste great!

Kathy Waldroup said...

Your site is very useful and fun. I'm going to link it to my blog at If you like mine you may link it. Thanks Kathy.