Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday: Chicken Sandwich

I roasted a 3 lb. chicken that I had sprinkled rosemary seasoning on, but you could just as easily use boneless skinless breasts for this recipe. My point in getting the whole chicken is that I would divide the meat up between 3 recipes. (Cooking tip: whenever you cook meat, always do extra and save it for your next meal or two.) I got this chicken from Angel Food, so it seemed like a logic choice. If you are interested in getting lots of food for very cheap you should look into Angel Food, by the way, and see if they have a distribution site close to you. Here's the link: I will gladly share my opinion or answer questions if you are someone who is seriously looking into getting this. This service is open to everyone. No minimum income required.

Now, back to the sandwich:
I used Kraft Vidalia Onion dressing which I spreaded generously onto the bun and slapped some chicken pieces on each bun. It's as easy as that. Would also taste great with some Monterey Jack cheese melted over the chicken. Mmmmm...wish we had that on hand. :)

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