Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wednesday Night: Eat out or "Brinner"

Tonight is your night to decide. Take the family out for a super cheap dinner (make sure to check out which restaurants in your area have free kids meals tonight!) or make "brinner."

You may be wondering what "brinner" is. I guarantee you all have brinner in your cabinets.

Brinner: n. adj. 1. Breakfast when made for dinner.

Brinner is simple: Whip up some scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, sausage or bacon, some fruit and there you go! Little thought required.

This brinner brought to you buy: My husband- He LOVES brinner! (And Scrubs epsidoe 7.7)

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Kristin said...

This entry caught my eye, as we call lunch-dinner lunner. It's just one of those funny things that our family does.