Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday: Katie's Quadoba

I meal plan for three reasons. First, for some sense of control and organization. I think that meal planning, because it is organized, gives me a whole lot more time to be spontaneous. I like that. Second, I meal plan because it allows me to be more frugal. I create my meal plans based off of what is seasonal, on sale, and what I already have in my kitchen. Third, I mean plan because I love sharing this website with my two wonderful and way more talented friends~ Sarah and Alisha.

This particular meal was created for this meal plan because I looked into my fridge and saw some stray items needing to find a home in my tummy. I put them together in a healthy way and came up with a surprisingly good meal.

Here is what you will need:

Black Beans
Lime Juice
Shredded Cheese
And, if you have it Liquid Smoke (if not, it is OK!)

What to do:

1. In the morning put two cups of black beans in some water to soak. Then, cook them and put them into the fridge until you are ready to prepare dinner.
OR you can just use a can of black beans and you are ready to go.

2. Begin by making some pico de gallo. I did not have onion so I made mine by mixing together chopped up tomato, cilantro, and a bit of lime juice. I love pico de gallo.
Set aside. Mmmm...look at those colors. I love fresh food!

2.Cut up some chicken and cook it in a frying pan. When it is almost finished add garlic, lime juice, and if you have some just a hint of liquid smoke.

3. Take your tortilla and spread avocado onto it as if you were buttering bread. Really get that avocado on there. It is really good for you!

4. Scoop some chicken onto it.
5. Scoop some pico de gallo onto it.
6. Scoop some black beans onto it.
7. Scoop some cheese onto it.

8. Place another tortilla ontop and put it into a frying pan that has a little bit of olive oil in it. Brown and flip.

9. Serve with a little bit of sour cream or taco sauce.

MMMMMM....enjoy. can also make these without the chicken. Just add garlic and lime juice to your black beans for flavor.

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Sarah Anne said...

YUMMY! looks sooo good. I think I need to make this soon!