Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pinto Beans and Cornbread

This is my first repeat meal! These will come now and then, because this is not a fancy smansy cooking site~ rather real mommies who are trying to meal plan, cook, and have happy bellied kids.

I also have to apologize. My dog chewed my memory card. No I am not kidding. It is a long story. My pictures of this meal were electronically digested by a black lab now sleeping on my feet. You can do this meal without pictures, it is easy!!

Pinto Beans and Cornbread is a staple meal in my family.

It is healthy. It is super easy. It is hearty. It is CHEAP.

I make my beans the same way each time and they always come out just perfect. I am currently on the quest for the most perfect, delicious corn bread. I am pleased with the cornbread recipe that I am going to share with you today, however I know there is better cornbread out there...somewhere....waiting for me to find it!

You will need:
Bag of Pinto Beans
Bacon (only four slices)
Salt and Pepper

The Simple Steps to Delicious:

Step 1: Put 4 cups of pinto beans into a collinder, rinse and drain.
Step 2: Put beans in pot of a water. Make sure the water is a few inches above the beans.
Step 3: Slice up the bacon and add to the beans.
Step 4: Place on stove and cook for about two hours. Check on the beans and stir occasionally. The beans will start to get a gravy like sauce around them. This means they are almost finished!
Step 5: Add salt and pepper to taste.

Make your cornbread.

Serve hot and with a delicious sweet treat.
We enjoyed blackberry cobbler to go along side this dish. It is a tradition. Yum!

The beans make for great leftovers or you can use them to nachos.

Now, for the cornbread!

Most corn bread calls for buttermilk. A frugal tip is to add vinegar to your milk, set it aside for a few minutes, and WHALA you have a terrific buttermilk substitute. I use 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every cup of milk.

What you will need:

2 Tablespoons SHORTENING
1 Teaspoon SALT
2 Cups Corn Meal
1 Teaspoons BAKING SODA
To make real cornbread you should use a cast iron skillet. You CAN make cornbread without it but it is just not as fun.

Step 1:
Take your shortening and scoop it into your skillet. Place this into the oven at 400 degrees while you do the following. You want the shortening to melt.

Step 2:
Mix together your corn meal, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Step 3: Mix in your egg and "buttermilk"

Step 4: Add this to your hot skillet and stir it all around in the melted shortening.

Step 5: Bake for 25-30 minutes or until nice and golden brown.

*Some people like to put a tad of honey into this recipe also.

Next week I will be making a new cornbread recipe. If you have any suggestions for making really yummy home made cornbread let me know and I will post them!

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