Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Roast

5-6 Large Potatoes
1 lb. bag of baby carrots
Kosher salt
2-3 lb. Beef Roast
2 large onions
1 packet of onion soup

Heat a large roasting pan over the stovetop burner and put 3-4 Tbs. olive oil in it. Salt and pepper the roast to taste. Brown the roast well on both sides. Slide to one side and put sliced onions in pan and cook for 2 minutes or so. Place onions on top of roast in pan. Take 4 cups of hot water and mix in dry soup mix. Pour over roast. Cover roast with foil and put in a 350 degree oven for atleast 2 1/2 hours. In the meantime, peel potatoes and cover in cold water. (cut them in chunks the size of half a credit card)
After the roast has been cooking for 2 1/2 hours, drain the potatoes, and pour 1 Tbs. or 2 of olive oil over them and then salt and pepper to taste. Take the roast out and place potatoes and carrots around the roast. Stir the veges into the juices. Put back in the overn and cook, uncovered for another 2 hours or so. Times are estimates, so don't feel like it has to be exactly these times, but do check it every so often so it does not dry out.

Leftovers are GREAT served as hash with eggs. Hope you enjoy!


Sarah Anne said...

I am so stuffed right now, but this looks so yummy! Even if I did make the same thing last week. A roast always sounds good to me!

An iMperfect wIfe said...

We'll be getting a 2lb roast tomorrow to make this (sans the onion soup pack) this week!