Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday: Out to Eat or Leftovers

Yeah, it's FRIDAY! Do a little dance, sing a little song and take your lovely family out to dinner! Check out your local restaurants and find one that has free kids' meals tonight. Go through your coupons and find some deals to eat out with or check online for coupons.

If eating out doesn't fit into your budget this week; have no fear! Leftovers are always great for a good family dinner. Set out your leftovers potluck style. Everyone can fill their plates w/ leftover pasta, biscuits and chicken, or yummy chili and heat in the microwave. Continue the potluck theme by spreading out a blanket and having a fun dinner picnic style!

Post a comment and let us know your favorite family Friday night dinner ideas.

We'd love to hear from you!

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Diane said...

We usually try to let Friday night be "parents night out." Probably twice a month my mom watches the kids while hubby and I go out to dinner (with coupons in hand of course!) The other Friday nights we either order B1G1 pizza or make pizza at home.