Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday: My Sister's Four Seasons Ham and Beans

My wonderful sister, who just gave birth to her second child, delivered a wonderful hearty meal for all 14 of us today. She mixes two well known recipies togther resulting in a perfect blend.

Combine the following in a BIG pot:
2 Bags of Bean Soup Mix (which is a variety of beans)
Ham, cut up
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Red Potatoes - 3 pounds
Fresh Green Snap Beans -2 pound

Put everything in the same time, cover with water, and simmer ALL DAY LONG!
The water thickens as the potatoes and the beans cook and will become like a thin gravy. Stir occasionally.

Right before dinner make some home made cornbread.

We ate this meal with cornbread, sweet tea, and lemon cake for desert.

The above recipie was for 14 people. Only use one bag of the bean mix and less of the fresh veggies if you are making it for less people.

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