Saturday, December 13, 2008

BONUS...Breakfast idea: Chocolate espresso pancakes

Okay, so I just tried this out this morning and it was sooo good so I had to post.
At Target they have Archer Farms nut mix packages in bags, down the aisle with the planters nuts. There are all different kinds of mixes. I found the dark chocolate espresso package and thought it looked like something I would like. This morning I was making pancakes, by my son's request, and I saw the bag on our kitchen counter and thought I would add some of the nut mix to the pancake mix for the last few pancakes, just for myself. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Strongly suggest it. Walnut, chocolate, coffee flavor. If you are into those kinds of things you will love this!

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Sarah Anne said...

This sounds soo good! We made pancakes yesterday. I always love to take canned or fresh peaches, heat them up w/brown sugar and top the pancakes w/ fruit instead of syrup. Chadwick would love chocolate espresso!