Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday: Leftover Open Roast Beef Sandwiches

This is a quick and easy way to use your leftover roast.

What you will need:
Bread (or some type of roll)
Leftover roast
Leftover potatoes
Leftover gravy

1. Warm your slices of bread in the oven until nice and lightly toasted.
2. Heat your leftover roast in the microwave or skillet until warm.
3. Mash your leftover potatoes with a few tablespoons of milk depending on how many you have leftover.
4. Heat your leftover gravy.
5. Place your meat onto the bread (bun), followed by the mashed potatoes, and spoon the desired amount of gravy on top.

That is it. You have a hearty sandwich and use all leftovers!
We ate some green peas on the side to add a little color.

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