Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday: Crock Pot Roast

I fell back on this easy and traditional meal for two reasons. First, it never fails to be absolutely hearty and soothing. Second, I was able to purchase the ingredients on a wonderful deal.

What you will need:
Beef (a cut good for roasting)
Salt and Pepper

It is a good idea to buy a larger piece of meet than what you might need especially if it is on a good deal. We purchase organic farm beef and brought home some nice cuts on a great deal. You can use the extra meat for another recipie which I will post tomorrow.

What you will do:

Place your beef into a crock pot with water. I add enough water to make the roast almost covered entirely.

Remove skin from the onion and break it apart. Add to the water and uncooked beef.

Slow cook all day long. The meat will begin to cook and when it is near complete it will be so tender that it can fall apart easily.

Peel carrots and potatoes. Add them a few hours before you want to serve the meal.
When they are ready they will be tender.

To make GRAVY simply take broth from the crock pot and add it to flour on the stove. Stir and add a bit of milk if needed. The gravy adds a little warmth to the meal and is a good way for me to get my son to eat all of his carrots.

Whala~ your meal is ready. Salt and pepper to taste.

Frugal tip~ Save the leftover broth in a container and freeze. It is beef broth and may come in handy for soup in the near future.

Keep all leftover meat for tomorrows meal.

We ate this meal with bread. We had oranges for desert.

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