Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday: Taco Bar and Rotel Cheese Dip

Happy New Year's Eve! This would be a great meal to serve at your New Year's Eve party or Superbowl party (coming up next month!)

Taco Bar! So yummy! This can be as big of a taco bar or as small of one as you want to make it. The rotel cheese dip makes a great appetizer or served along side the tacos on the taco bar. I do have to apologize, in the middle of making this meal, we had to go to the basement for a few hours for a tornado warning. Can you believe that?! A tornado warning at the end of December in central Illinois! Anyway- I don't have a ton of pictures for the taco bar, but I will still share all my ideas.

Taco Bar

Here is what I used for my taco bar:

1 lb ground beef, fajita seasoning mix, shredded lettuce, tomato, flour tortillas, cheese, salsa and sour cream

Other great additions would be: black or pinto beans, guacamole, pico de gallo (cilantro, onion, tomato and a hint of lime juice chopped and mixed) or rice.

Step 1: Brown ground beef, drain and add seasoning packet.

Step 2: Get your toppings ready. Dice your tomato, mix your sour cream, dish up your salsa...

Step 3: Heat up your shells and spread your taco bar out for others to enjoy! Tthis is the part where we were down in the basement eating tacos off of our card table w/ my fellow meal planning mommy- Katie and her family. I so wish I would of thought to take a picture! It really was so much fun, but we were all a little freaked out by the weather.

Rotel Cheese Dip

Here is what you need:

Velveeta cheese (I used about 1/2 a package for 4 people), 1 can Rotel, tortilla chips and a little dipper crock pot (or just use your microwave!)

Step 1: Cut up your velveeta into chunks, place in a bowl and melt in microwave. Stop to stir every 2-3 minutes. Continue cooking until melted.

Step 2: Pour Rotel in crock pot and then pour in your velveeta. Stir, heat on low and enjoy as a dip with chips!

Prices reflect taco bar and rotel cheese dip

Serves: 4 people
Cost of meal: $8.0o (ish- depending on what ingredients you use)
Cost per person: $2.00

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Ethiopianmomma said...

I was there for Taco Bar. LOVED IT. :)