Thursday, January 22, 2009

I realize that this is off topic, but praying that this helps someone.

Dear readers,
Thank you for visiting our blog (many of you, regularly). Your excitement for what we are doing keeps us pulling out more fun recipes. I am very excited about some of the recipes we will be showing here in the next few weeks. Some of them will be your recipes. While filling the tummies of your family is a goal worthy of attention, sometimes we need a little soul food to remind us what's truly important, and of eternal significance.
I have been encouraged today, and these past few days really. I wanted share a song that speaks my testament for the day. I have heard it several times before, but today it orchestrates new meaning as I learn to be content with my current place in life. Some of you will relate and some of you will not, but I figure it is worth posting for those that might be encouraged by these words.

Dear ones,
Keep on keeping on. You are fabulous. You are here for a reason, and God's plan is being worked daily as you do your daily grind. Make those meals and get those winks and smiles across the table. Breathe in and out slowly and smile back at your sweet ones. God's blessings on you today, and may you feel the peace of knowing that God is in control.

Click here to listen to the song speaking to my heart today.

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Jenny O. said...

Thank you. I needed that more than you know.