Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday: Lettuce Wedges and Homemade Rolls the picture above I forgot to add the bleu cheese make the salad!

What you will need:
Bleu Cheese

What to do:

Cook your bacon and then break in into a lot of pieces.

Cut up your lettuce into a wedge for each person. Keeping it as a wedge makes it seem extra crispy.

Dice up your tomato.

Serve with either ranch or bleu cheese dressing....or whatever is your family favorite.

This is the salad my two year old son devoured. Instead of using bleu cheese crumbles on his I use cheddar. He loved it! husband does not eat salad so I make this meal for the rest of us and he eats a BLT sandwich....minus the L and T.....grrrr......

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Carey said...

I had a salad served to me at a restaurant once like that - just a cut wedge of iceberg lettuce. I found it odd at first, but realized it really made the salad a little more exciting! Thanks for reminding me of that; we eat a lot of salad around here and this could be a fun variation!