Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As it happy bellied filled kids and satisfied hubbies was not enough we also got an extra boost of encouragement today from a GREAT website~ THE TIP JUNKIE!

Your very own MEAL PLANNING MOMMIES were recognized on the TIP JUNKIE as being today's chosen creative blog.

We started this site as a way to help one another out...so that we would actually cook and find some sort of enjoyment in the grocery shopping, planning, preparing, and serving of that which we do dish out.
It has been so fun for us to watch our little site grow. When our numbers hit the 1000's we were jumping up and down with excitement. Seriously, all of us need to get out a little I think. (Heheh).

We want to say a big THANK YOU to TIP JUNKIE for choosing us as the blog of the day and pointing other readers in our directions.

Our site has never and will never be about gourmet cooking, mostly because I had to look up how to spell G-o-u-r-m-e-t to make sure I even had it right. What we post is actually what we are serving up for dinners at our three chaotic and wonderful homes.

Thanks to all of our readers. Keep spreading the news about Meal Planning Mommies and we will keep cooking....ok so we will keep cooking even if you don't spread the news but it sure would make the task more fun.

To see our feature click here!

Thanks Friends,



Cathy said...

So happy to have found you thanks to Tip Junkie! You have no idea how much I've needed you!!! Tonight we had instant oatmeal because of my lack of inspiration and motivation. My family thanks you already!

pastorwick said...

WHOO HOOO. I'm thankful for ya'll bloggin' also. You ladies rock.

Whitney of lilli tutu said...

Just found you yesterday on Tip Junkie! I'm back this morning to plan my meals:) Thanks for doing this.