Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday: Aaaaaaah Fazoli's spaghetti

Each Tuesday from 5-8 pm our Fazoli's does Kid's night. Kid's can eat a kid's meal for 99 cents and do a craft for free on this night. I think all Fazoli's do this, but I am not sure. Kid's night is what we did last Tuesday that I plan to do again this week. Go here to read more about kid's night at Fazoli's.

Go to freespaghetti.com if you have not already. Sign up and print yourself off a coupon for free spaghetti when you buy a drink.

For us, total looked like this:
1 drink $1.59
1 small spaghetti FREE
1 kid's meal $ .99
All the breadsticks you can eat FREE

With tax, a meal for my son and I cost us $2.76.

Fazoli's is doing an Italian revolution thing right now and more coupons are yet to come, so get yourself signed up.

Go here to find a Fazoli's restaurant near you. Don't have one nearby, cook some pasta and add some sauce, and Voila...dinner is served.

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