Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tuesday: Keilbasa and Saffron Rice

This is the such an easy meal and we like it around here.

Cast of characters~
89 cent package of saffron rice (yellow rice)
Keilbasa sausage
fresh snap beans

What to do:

1. Cook rice, following directions on package.
2. Snap and clean beans. Add them to water and boil until tender, don't overdo!
3. Cut up the sausage and put it into a frying pan. Cook, flipping, until both sides are done. We like ours a bit crispy.
4. Make blueberry muffins from a package and add flax seed.

Serve, and eat.

Simple and easy.

You can use the leftover keilbasa for tomorrow's lentil soup AND we like to use the leftover rice to stuff tortillas with black beans or peas for lunches.
Plus, leftover muffins are good snacks and for breakfast.

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