Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Night: Bubble Pizza

This is a family favorite and was very popular last time I posted this recipe. We have it when company comes over, when someone needs a meal brought to them or on my husband's pizza night of the week. It is so easy to make. When I cook, I like to cook- forget the recipe. This is one of those recipes that you can EASILY memorize for a night when you want to make something that is super easy and everyone loves!

Here is what you need:

Ingredients: 2 cups pizza cheese (or whatever cheese you have on hand), browned sausage (you can also use pepperoni, hamburger or bacon), 1 jar of pizza sauce, 2 tubes buttermilk biscuits. *Note: I don't put veggies in this b/c my family doesn't like the veggies, but feel free to add whatever you would order on your own pizza.

Step #1: Brown and drain the meat.

Step #2: Cut the 2 tubes of biscuits into quarters.

Step #3: Put the biscuits into a bowl along with the jar of pizza sauce.

Step #4: Add the meat and any other toppings you may have.

Step #6: Mix it all together.

Step #7: Pour into a baking dish (ungreased).

Step #8: Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Step #9- No, I didn't forget the cheese! After baking for 20 minutes, take it out and add your cheese. Now pop it back in the over for 10 more minutes.

Now you are finished! This is so yummy it is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!

Cost of Meal- $5.00
Serves- 6 people
Cost per person- 75 cents per person

Pretty FRUGAL!


Junk Mammas said...

My family also likes this recipe. It's so easy too. I am putting on my menu next week. Thanks for reminding me about this goody.

bobbi said...

love this one! i have enjoyed this at your house a couple times, thanks for the recipe!=)

Roseann said...

This looks yummy...and I think my kdis will eat it! Maybe we will make this for dinner tonight! Thanks for sharing!

~Diana~ said...

I tried this last night. It didn't turn out very good. I followed the directions. When we served it up, it tasted ok, except the biscuits weren't completely cooked. They still tasted doughy. I'm going to try it as a leftover today. Maybe the microwave will cook them better.

I think it might be better with pizza dough cut up, rather than biscuits.

Any suggestions?

jsprik said...

i am so trying this recipe, and the reubens too!! i'll be back for more!! ;) thanks!!

Sarah Anne said...


Sorry this recipe didn't work out well for you! We have made this many many times and it usually turns out just fine! If your biscuits are doughy, I would recommend cooking it longer next time. An extra 10 minutes should be plenty! Also, if it tastes too "biscuity" for your taste you could try adding more sauce to break up the biscuits a bit.

I hope this helps! Do try it again b/c once you get the right amount of ingredients that you and your family enjoys and the appropriate cooking time for your oven, it is a real crowd pleaser!

Margot said...

This sounds awesome and I bet it would be perfect for tailgeting in the Fall at a football game.

I was just reading ~Diana~'s comment and was wondering if perhaps using a larger, shallow dish might help cool the dough more evenly.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try this recipe!!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Oh, bubble pizza, where have you been all my life?!

We made this tonight with turkey pepperoni and black olives!! It was delicious!! I'm thinking we're gonna do veggie and alfredo sauce next week! Yummmmy!

Thanks, Mommies!

Jenny said...

Yummy! I am so going to make this next week. We usually always have homemade pizza once a week so I am going to do this as a change. Thanks!

Zollingers said...

I love this too. I have also tried it with meat balls, frozen or handmade.

Angela said...

We had this last night and everyone LOVED it! I used turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, red onions and it turned out great. I ended up chopping up the pepperoni and biscuits more finely so I could feel like I got more when I ate, lol. I'm doing weight watchers so I also used the WW brand mozz cheese and it was great! Thanks again! Love the blog!

Jessi said...

I just tried this out tonight and loved it (have had your page open in a tab for a few days now, and finally got to try it, hehe).

It was a little tough getting the amounts of ingredients correct because I tend to use cans of tomato sauce instead of a big jar of pizza sauce....and wasn't sure just how much on the hamburger and pepperoni to use. It's something that will be easier to judge the next time I make it, though, so it was still a hit with the kids here. Thanks for the detailed instructions and so many pictures!

Cathy said...

Wow - my kidlets loved it! And so did I! I had a bit of the same problem as Diana... the servings at the ends of the pan were not doughy, but as I got into the middle, they were. I just threw it back in the oven and it was ready when everyone was ready for seconds. I think next time I will 1 and a half times the recipe (5 kids and hubby ate it all up, no leftovers!) and bake it maybe on a cookie sheet? It was wonderful and sooo easy! Thanks!

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

I made this tonight and it was delish! Thanks for the recipe

Verna said...

Perhaps, I'll have to try this. My husband is so picky. Don't know if he would like it or not, but it sure does sound yummy.

Ashley said...

I always have to double these yummy recipes so for this one I made two, one with sausage and one with pepperoni. It made the new favorites list!

debbiey said...

I made this tonight with ham and pepperoni and the whole family enjoyed it. It is going on our "make this again" list.

avaliandellab said...

Another winner! My husband loves that I'm spending so much time perusing your blog!

Cathy said...

Hey Girls - I'm linking to you on Sunday! This is one of my families favorite dinners now! Since I got Prego free this week, and some super cheap cheese, it's time for Bubble Pizza! Thanks for the cute blog! I haven't been here for a while, and I'm loving the new look! Great job!

Cathy @ www.FabulesslyFrugal.com

Kathy said...

What size casserole dish do you use? 9X13?

Momma Hughes said...

yes Kathy. :)