Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February's Reader's Choice Week

I want to thank all of you that participated in January's Reader's Choice week! January was our first attempt at doing a Reader's Choice week and even though we had to work out some kinks, I am glad to say we got some rockin' new recipes from you all!

We are going to have another Reader's Choice week in February. If you are interested in submitting a recipe here are the guidelines:

1. E-mail us your recipe(s) to mealplanning@live.com w/ pictures and instructions (just like we do on our blog)
2. Give us the blog/website you would like for us to link to your recipe
3. All submissions for February's guest post week need to be e-mailed by February 14th.

Our meal plans are specifically for dinner, but we love to do lunch and breakfast ideas for dinner once in awhile as well! It would be great if you could add "tips" for your recipe- ideas that could make it better or things that didn't quite work as well when you made the recipe. We love humor and stories as well!

We already have several submissions for February's Reader's Choice Week and only have 2 spots left! We would love to add YOURS!

E-mail all submissions or questions to: mealplanning@live.com

Happy Meal Planning!

Sarah, Katie and Alisha
Meal Planning Mommies

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