Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday: Spinach Tomato Nacho Dip

On Friday night's we always have this desire to go out to eat mostly because it is Friday and going out to eat just kind of rings in the weekend!

When I cook a "real" meal on Friday nights we always seem to rush through them.
So, I have declared Friday nights for our family as appetizer night where we serve something easy, quick, and fun.

Cast of characters:
Frozen chopped spinach
Can of Rotel
Nacho Chips/Tortilla Chips

What to do:

1. Thaw your spinach DRAIN.

2. Put spinach in food processor if you want it to be even smaller. I find this helpful for children and picky spouses.

3. Add the spinach, can of Rotel, and velveeta cheese into a crock pot.

4. Stir occasionally.

Enjoy your Friday night! (This dip is also pretty tasty over baked potatoes, another easy Friday night meal.)

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