Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kielbasa and Saffron Rice

The last time I made this meal was on September 16th, so you can view the archives if you would like to see it made just a bit differently. This is an easy breezy meal and one of our favorites, but I often forget about it.

Cast of Characters:

All-beef Kielbasa Sausage (they were on sale this week at our Wal-Mart)
Saffron Rice (Package costs 89 cents!)
Green Snap Beans (Fresh)

What do to:

Make the Rice following the instructions on the package, total time 20 minutes.

Cut up the sausage and place it into a frying pan. You do NOT need to add any oil or anything, the sausage will cook itself. Cook, flipping the sausage, until it is how your family likes it. We like it a little crispy on the edges.

Snap your beans, and put them in boiling water.

Put it all on a plate with some home made Pomegranate tea and enjoy your meal. It took 20 minutes and was less than $5.00, plus the leftover sausage is going to be used for another meal this week and the rice can be stuffed into tortillas for a yummy leftover lunch idea this week.

We also had blueberry muffins with this meal. I used flax seed in the muffins to make them have a kick of healthy fiber to them.

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Destiny said...

I'm excited to have another kielbasa recipe. My family really likes it, but I only have one recipe with it.