Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday: Chili Mac w/ Garlic Bread

Yum, Yum, YUM! This is definitely a favorite for our family. Super easy, too!

Here is what you need:

This recipe is for 4 people- if you have more than 4 people, double each ingredient.
1 can beanless chili (chili w/ beans works too!), 3/4 can ketchup, 1 tbs. worchestershire sauce, 1 box of spaghetti, parmesan cheese or other toppings. Garlic Bread (not pictured)

Step 1: (Not pictured) Cook your spaghetti and preheat your oven for your garlic bread.

Step 2:
Pour beanless chili into pan turned on medium heat.
Step 3: Fill the empty chili can 3/4 full with ketchup and then pour and mix w/chili in pan.

Step 4: Add 1 Tb. worchestershire sauce and stir. (At this point, taste your chili mac. Some people like to add more ketchup or worchestershire sauce.)

Step 5: Cook your garlic bread, let your pasta drain and your sauce heat up.

Step 6: Add it all together! We like to shred some cheese (whatever we have on hand!) on top as well. This dish is also great with crumbled saltines on top, beans and onions.

Meal serves 4

Cost of Meal: $4.00
Per person: $1.00

Excellent, Frugal, Tasty Meal! This is a great recipe to use when you have company over as well. Yummy!


Brady said...

Stepped out of my comfort zone to try this... and it was good!

Tami said...

I made this for dinner a couple of nights ago with just a few adjustments and my family really liked it. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

bobbi said...

we have made this twice and love it! keeps us from going to steak and shake and spending way more money! =)

bobbi said...

we have made this two times and love it! keeps us from going out to steak and shake and spending way too much money! =)

Ali said...

thanks for the recipe! I'm trying it out tonight and I'm gonna try using elbow macaroni instead of the spaghetti noodles. :)

Ali said...

Just wanted to follow up my previous comment with a review. :)

We enjoyed this, especially with the side of garlic bread. I used elbow macaroni noodles, about two cans of the bean-less chili, and about 1 can of ketchup. It was delish and quick, perfect for a weeknight meal. Thanks for the recipe!