Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday: California Roll Ups with Crunchy carrots

Sometimes I just crave veggies! My husband and I had a discussion last night (don't ask how it came up!) about veggies lovers vs. meat lovers. I said that I would be content to eat TONS of veggies the rest of my life. Also saying that they can make a total meal in and of themselves. My husband is the complete opposite (aren't most?) and would hardly let me get a word in edgewise as he explained why MEAT was the superior to Veggies. Sigh, neither one of us won, but since I am the cook in the house my Veggies will reign!

This is one of those meals that I sometimes just CRAVE! I am 6 months pregnant which leads to a few cravings here and there. I have to be honest, sometimes its veggies, but sometimes it's cookie dough ice cream... or the amazing triple chocolate brownie recipe I am going to post later today (you will want to check back for this one!) ... or McDonald's french fries.

On my healthier days, though I do crave fruits and Veggies. If you are VEGGIE lover, you will love this meal! Even if you are more of a meat lover, you can still make this meal work for you.


Here is what you need:
Turkey Breast (2 slices per person), Tortillas (one per person), Mozzerella Cheese (1 slice per person), Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Bean Sprouts and Mayo (Ranch dressing also works!)

Step 1: Cut up all your veggies

Step 2: Layer your roll-up: Mayo (or Ranch), Turkey, Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts, Avocado (leaving out what you don't like)

Step 3: Roll up your tortilla with all it's yummy goodness inside! Cut in half, add some crunchy carrots (that somehow escaped my picture)
My fellow meal planning mommy, Katie and her son, Samuel were over that day for lunch. Despite the sad face Samuel is giving me, he really did love the roll-up! The kids pretty much picked through and found what they like, but at least they got some veggies!

This is my daughter, Addison enjoying her roll-up! Notice the Dora backpack she had to wear to lunch.

Now, wasn't that meal so EASY! I would love to hear from you...

What is a super easy meal that your family makes consistently?
Leave a comment and share!

Meal Serves: 4
Cost of Meal: $6.00 (try to get your produce/meat on mark-down)
Cost per person: $1.50


Carey said...

Those look really delicious!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Our easy meal is roast beef philly cheesesteaks.

I just throw some roast beef lunch meat in a pan with sauteed onions and bell pepper. Then throw it on a hoagie with some provolone cheese and bake until the cheese is melted. It's super yummy and I can serve it with a salad or some fresh veggie or chips! Yum, yum!

Stepper the Mighty said...

I'm excited to try your brownie recipe...

a staple at our house is homemade bbq chicken pizza. DELISH!

And currently, a lunch time favorite is chicken spinach quesadillas.

Just stumbled upon your glad I did!

mealplanning said...

Mmmmm...Yes PLease!! ;) I love Heather's idea of a roast beef philly! Why do I never think of that? I should.

I just made chicken stir fry tonight. Cook egg in oil. Add chicken. Cook rice in another pot. Add whatever veggies happen to be in the house at the time. Mix it all together with some soy sauce.

Ashley said...

Super Excited to make these! Sounds yummy, easy, and relatively healthy!

Ashley said...

Back for a second comment. . Made these for my family and they were a hit. I cook for 5 adults so I had to double, but to save $ instead of buying all the veggies I bought just cucombers and some chunky salsa. It was awesome! It gave it a mexican taste. (tired it with the ranch too and . . yum!) Thanks!