Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday: Bob's Burgers

This recipe came in the mail with a coupon for a free Country Bob's sauce, so I had to try it. My personal opinion was this: the sauce reminded me of a mix of A-1 sauce and BBQ sauce. You are supposed to be able to use this sauce on any meat, poultry included. I actually like to put A-1 sauce OR BBQ sauce on my cheeseburgers, and Country Bob's sauce did not necessarily seem like a better alternative. That is just my opinion, though. My husband thinks it is nuts to put anything on cheeseburgers, so to each is own I guess.
2 lbs. Hamburger meat
8 Hamburger buns
8 Cheddar cheese slices
Country Bob's sauce
Pineapple slices (I used pineapple chunks because it was what we had)

Cook your beef into hamburger patties.
Put one slice of cheese onto each patty and continue cooking until the cheese melts.
Put patties onto bottoms of hamburger buns. Put pineapple on the top. Top with Country Bob's sauce. Wala.

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