Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Freezer Week

Still to come this week....

Thursday: What is a meal-planning co-op and how to start your own
Friday: What foods freeze well and what to avoid freezing. Plus other great tips!

Plus a great new freezer recipe each day!

Plus on Saturday: Freezer Cooking E-book winner will be announced! If you haven't entered to with the Freezer recipe e-book yet this week, you don't want to miss out!
Click here to get yourself entered.

Are you enjoying our freezer week, but still have questions about freezer cooking?

Leave a comment and let us know what else you would like to know before the week is over!

If we get enough questions, I would love to post a Q & A on Saturday.

Let me hear what you've got!


Terra Jones said...

I'm LOVING this!

I started a freezer swap group about 3 months ago and it's going great! I'm loving getting these tips and ideas this week, as the ladies are continually coming to me, I feel like I should know everything, and I definitely, do not, lol!

I did have a question about OAMC - HOW do you get started...I think it was here (forgive, Freezer Cooking seems to be, well, a hot topic this week!) but to shop throughout the month for NEXT months meals...

If I did that, we wouldn't be able to eat THIS month...

how do you make that work?

I guess, how do you budget THIS month for NEXT months freezer meals...I see how you would NEXT month for the following, but that initial start up's very daunting to us!!

Thank you for all the work put into this!

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

My question is:

I don't know what to cook BEFORE I freeze vs leaving it raw to bake at a later date. Also, do you always have to thaw it before baking? How do you know whether to thaw or bake frozen?

I LOVE this week, though and am so thankful I found your site.

Charity said...

This has been a great week.

My question - how long do meals stay good in the freezer? Does it depend on the ingredients? Are we talking weeks here, or months?

Also, may I suggest adding a search function to your blog? There is a search capability you can add through Google Adsense, and you can set it so that the searches would pull up results only from your site. I for one know it would be so nice to be able to pull up a recipe I remember seeing once, but don't know exactly how to find.