Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday: Eating Out

Hi Everyone!
Our original plan was to make cheese fondue for today, however this meal will posted tomorrow. Today we are taking advantage of the Friday night itch and going out to eat thanks to a handful of good coupons!

Tomorrow I will be posting the recipe and pictures for the cheese fondue and the best part is that it will be posted and made from the road.......

What? How can that be? From the road?

Yes. Well, not the road more from a hotel room.

Sarah (Frugal Table) and I are actually making this meal in our hotel room to save our families from having to spend too much money on bad hotel food.
We have precooked the chicken and will be using a microwave to warm it.
We have cut up the veggies and made the bread.

The fondue will be made via electric fondue pot in our hotel room, pretty nifty.

I will post pictures and recipe tomorrow!

Enjoy the weekend!


Lindsey said...

Are you still going to post the Fondue recipe? We just got a fondue pot a couple weeks ago and are excited to try new recipes!

Ethiopianmomma said...

Yep! Just posted it. Hope it works out for you. It was really easy and tasted good....although I KNOW that there are much tastier fondue recipes. Share some if you find one!