Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas (Crock pot meal)

I don't usually think to rate recipes, but this one is soooo delicious. On a deliciousness scale I give this one a TEN. Not incredibly good for you, but if you wanted to make a special dinner comparable to a night at a Mexican restaurant you really ought to try this one.

3 cups chopped cooked chicken
2 cups (8 oz.) shredded Monterey Jack cheese with peppers
1 (4.5 oz.) can chopped green chiles
1/2 cup sour cream
1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1 (8-inch) flour tortillas
1 (8 oz.) container sour cream
1 (8 oz.) bottle green taco sauce
1 cup (4 oz.) shredded Monterey Jack cheese with peppers
Toppings: (optional) chopped tomato, chopped avocado, slicked green onions, sliced ripe olives, chopped fresh cilantro
(ignore the pictures of the cream soups...those were for another recipe. I got confused)
(I shredded my chicken using my salad chopper, since I used chunks of chicken from a whole chicken I had cooked. I think I liked it this way. Made it very easy for everyone to eat)
Step One: Stir together first 5 ingredients. Spoon chicken mixture evenly down center of tortillas, and roll up. Arrange, seam sides down, in a lightly greased 6 quart slow cooker, stacking tortillas, if needed. I did have to stack the tortillas, and I actually got ten enchiladas out of this recipe rather than 8. I spread some of the sour cream mixture between each layer and that seemed to work well.

Step Two: Stir together sour cream and taco sauce; spoon over enchiladas. Cover and cook on LOW 4.5 hours. Remove lid, and sprinkle enchiladas with 1 cup cheese.

Step Three: Cover and cook on LOW 15 more minutes or until cheese melts. Serve with desired toppings. Makes 8 enchiladas.

Side note: Slightly bummed, because I did not take pictures of the final product and realized it just now as I was going through my pics. These pictures really do not do this recipe justice because it truly was so delicious, and the pictures just look kind of plain. Trust me when I say that if you like Mexican food, you will love these enchiladas.

This recipe comes from page 143 in the Southern Living Slow Cooker Cookbook.


The Keevy Family said...

This looks great! I have it on my menu for next week and I'll be leaving a link to your blog from my Menu Planning post Sunday night. Thanks! Can't wait to try it in the crockpot. I love the idea of the crock pot meals. Makes my life a little easier. (well...the thing is, I really like all the meals you post!)

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faithlikemustard said...

Yesterday I found your site. Today I tried this recipe. Even though it was from an old post, I couldn't resist coming back to tell you that it was AWESOME and received "4 thumbs up" from my family! Yay!