Friday, May 8, 2009

Homemade Frozen Pops!

Hey, I am back for at least today with a fun little treat. Without giving much gory explanation I have been dealing with horrible morning sickness and battling on and off with dehydration as a result. It has been a wild ride, but thank the Lord for sea-bands, ginger, modern medication, smart doctors, loving friends/family and the approaching second trimester!

My son and I made home made applesauce today and turned a good portion of it into Popsicles. We love Popsicles in the summer time, but I refuse to buy the sugar filled ones from the store. These are so easy and incredibly yummy.

You will need to invest ($1-$3) in the Popsicle holders. They have them most places like the dollar store and target.

Here is my home made apple sauce recipe:
Here is the quick how-to. There are many ways to do this. We will experiment to find the best possible applesauce, but will attest that this was pretty darn tasty!

1. Gather your apples, make sure they are a sweet kind such Mac's or Jonathons, your bowl and your lemon juice. Get your peeler ready!

2. Peel your apples and core them.

3. Put your apples into a deep pot of water, add a little lemon juice for taste, and boil.

4. Add your cinnamon and enjoy the smell while the apple's cook!

5. When the apples are mushy remove them with a strainer and process them in a food processer. This will make very smooth applesauce. You can also forgo this option and just smoosh them by hand. This will make nice lumpy applesauce. Either way~ yummy!

Now, eat it up! One 3lb bag of apples made three containers, two of which we turned into popsicles.

We did not add sugar to our applesauce, but you can if you like.

Now, take one more moment and enjoy the remaining juice as cider or make more popsicles out of it! I placed it into a nice pitcher and really savored it. Can't wait to make this again!

Follow this or your own way of doing it. Then place the cooled apple sauce into the Popsicle holders and freeze. These make such GOOD popsicles and they come without the sugar.

We also like to make home made Popsicles out of pear nectar and apricot nectar. I have a memory of my mom using orange juice too. Give it a try. Kids love to make them and it is worth waiting for them to freeze!


Jodie said...

Glad you are feeling a little better! I hope your second trimester is better than the first! Can't wait to try these popsicles!

Kim said...

This is so funny. I just bought popsicle makers at a yard sale today for $0.25! I'm excited to find a good recipe!

A Frugal Friend said...

Great ideas.....thanks. I'll be using them this summer!

Kristy said...

Wonderful idea!

This is my first time on your site and I LOVE it! I read what that woman (if we can call her that, because I understood that a characteristic of a woman was compassion) wrote because you decided to focus on more important things at the moment. I am embarrassed for HER. Thanks for all the work you do, this will save me a lot of time and money. You need to set up a paypal so that people can donate. Maybe you would get even enough for a girls night out.

VandenBerg Family said...

I applaud you for taking a break!! You know what your families need. In the meantime, maybe those who worry so much about you not posting for a while spend too much time on the computer and not enough time with their families. Fun popsicle idea!

henzy said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane. my mother used to make these all the time. Not apple though. She did orange. She also made milky ones, she boiled milk to thicken it or maybe it was half n half not sure and add some crushed nuts in it. This was twenty years ago so not sure if she was doing it for the health reasons she just loved to make things. But great post, really reminded me of my mom.

FranticMommy said...

wow! This is exactly what I was looking for! I just bought some popsicle holders a few days ago and I like your applesauce idea MUCH better that what I had in mind. Thanks for the tips!

Talita said...

YUmmm!! This sounds great! It's better 'cause we can control the sugar on candy! =)

The Blue Zoo said...

I am so glad you repopsted this!