Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday: Black Bean Chowder and Corn Bread

I love black beans. I love black beans. I love black beans. I think I could eat them everyday, all day. Seriously. My family not so much...thus I am always on the hunt to spruce them up in some dish that sneaks them in and dolls them up a bit. I have come across a great one!

Once again, I have to give credit for this recipe to my all time favorite online Pioneer lady (Um, yes...The Pioneer Woman).

This is delicious!

Here is the link, see for yourself!!!

We made the relish topping with cucumbers from our garden and cilantro from my neighbor Jane. This meal made extra so we froze the remainder. A bonus. :)

Prepare to have your kitchen filled with amazing aromas and your tummy warmed.

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Simply Life said...

Oooh this sounds like the perfect combo!