Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation Preparation

I spent $11.23 at the grocery store this week to feed the family three meals a days for six days. I impressed myself and it was not all that difficult!

We are going on a family trip soon and I wanted to clear out my pantry, fridge, and freezer for said trip. I like to come home to clean and ready as opposed to messy!

Using things we already had and using produce from our very own garden the only bits and pieces we needed to buy came to less than twelve bucks. I could get used to that!

Here is our meal plan for the week. I am posting just dinners.

Sunday Dinner- Pork Loin, carrots, potatoes, and served with home made biscuits.
Monday Dinner- Grilled cheese (on home made whole wheat bread) with homemade tomato soup.
Tuesday Dinner~ Mega Nacho Bar
Wednesday Dinner~ Lasagna
Thursday Dinner~ Black bean chowder and corn bread
Friday~ Beefy Baked Potatoes and cucumber/tomato salad

I will be posting the recipes for these meals as well as the grocery list this upcoming week.

Even if you are not traveling soon it is always a good idea to base your meals on the following: what you already have, what is in season, what can be frozen and used again!

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