Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bolga Baskets

Hello friends and readers,

I am taking a moment to give you a Christmas Gift idea!

Our family was blessed several years ago through the miracle of adoption when we brought home our first child, Samuel. We are going to be giving birth to our second child in the coming weeks and once again are feeling so fortunate as parents. We are also adopting again and although we began the process about a year ago, put it on a temporary hold until after Finn is born and we can find our equilibrium. We are still preparing and planning for this next adoption, which we hope will be continuing in the near future.

One of the adoption fundraisers that we have come to enjoy doing is the selling of fair trade Bolga Baskets from a cooperative in Ghana. They are beautiful and so fun!
You actually mold them yourself and they can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to being decorative. They are sustainable, made from elephant grass, natural plant dye, and goat hide by women and men in Ghana, Africa.

They make great Christmas gifts! To learn more about our basket sale please click here. And, as always if anyone has questions about international adoption please feel free to ask!

Thanks to all,

Katie (Tasty Green)

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