Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pumpkin Tomato Soup

I have posted a similar recipe to this before, but as we have just had it again I wanted to share it once more. I am blown away by how easy this is and how delicious!

Instead of giving you an exact recipe I am going to provide you with the ingredients and your task is to prepare the soup anyway you want it based on the ingredients. This is my favorite type of cooking, estimation cooking, where there is not a real right or wrong.

Here is what you will need:
Canned Tomatoes in Juice
Pumpkin Puree
Broth (I used vegetable)

Step one: Peel your carrots and onion. Place into a food processor and chop up until small. Place them into a pan with a bit of butter. Cook them, filling your kitchen with a wonderful aroma. Add a hint of garlic.

Step two: Meanwhile, place your tomatoes into the food processor. I used a jar of tomatoes that I had canned this past summer. Chop them until they are all blended and pureed.

Step three: In a soup pan add your tomato puree and your pumpkin puree together. Stir and begin to heat.

Step four: Add in your carrots, onion, garlic and stir together. Add in your vegetable broth. Add enough to make the soup the consistency you desire.

Step five: Heat this soup for a good hour. Stirring frequently. Add milk/cream (I used a cup of half and half) at the last ten minutes of cooking.
Salt, Pepper, and Basil to taste.

We eat this soup with whole wheat toast and apple slices. We love it, especially the second day when the flavors have all blended so well together.

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