Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meal Plan December 1-4

I did not anticipate meal planning for this week as I thought I might be having my baby. However, here I am coming up with a last minute meal plan as the baby seems pretty content to hang tight for a while longer. I don't want to use any of my freezer meals that we prepared last week. I am saving those up for the days after the baby is here when I just need to thaw and heat meals as opposed to preparing anything!

My son and I are filling our days this week doing lots of fun things together. I am wanting to prepare his little heart and spirit for the arrival of his first sibling.
Three days this week he and I will be out of the house all day long. I thought this might be a great opportunity to test out some crock pot meals.

None of these are my own creation. I will post a link so that you can see where the recipes came from! Simply click on the meal and it will take you there!

Tuesday: Crock Pot Potato Soup
Wednesday: Crock Pot Black Bean Chicken over Rice
Thursday: Ham Split Pea Soup
Friday: Asian Beef with Mandarin Oranges

I have never made these before so I can not tell you yet how well they freeze or can be doubled. I will find out this week and report back!

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