Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grill Week Side Dish Idea

Another easy side dish when you are grilling out is to make your own potato chips.

You will need:
Herb (We used rosemary, but you can just you salt and pepper)
Olive Oil

Step one: Cut up your potatoes after washing them, leave the skin on!

Step two: Pour Olive Oil and your spice/herbs into a bowl and mix the potatoes up in them really well!

Step three: Lay foil on the grill. Place your potatoes onto the foil and grill. Flip after about 15 minutes and grill the other sides. These take about 30 minutes so you may want to start them before the meat, depending on what you are grilling.

We had these home made potato chips with:
Steak on the grill
Hobo packet (foil) of tomato, red onion, squash

Monday, June 15, 2009

BBQ Side Dish

We enjoy cooking outdoors in the summer time, not only to avoid turning the oven on and heating the house, but to simply enjoy the weather. Something about summer time turns meal preparation into a family affair in a way that indoor kitchen cooking lacks.

I want to share a test recipe with you and hope that you enjoy it. Even more so, I hope that you can make it better!

We had a meal of the following:

Pork chops marinated in BBQ sauce, grilled.
Garden fresh snap beans, cooked on the grill, with a dash of pepper and lemon.
Breaded summer squash

The recipe that I want to share is for the breaded summer squash. Here is the thing~ I love the look of summer squash. I love the idea of summer squash. I love the health benefits of summer squash. Don't so much love the taste! When I cook summer squash it is always a bit mooshy and bland. I decided that I could bread it, cook it in a little EVOO, and perhaps it would be better. It was better, but not amazing.

Here is what I did. My three year old gobbled these up, which was great!

Step one:
Slice up summer squash.

Step two:
Make three bowls.
One with flour (mix salt and pepper into this)
One with beaten egg
One with bread crumbs

Step three: Dip your squash into the flour, followed by the egg, and finally the bread crumbs. Coat both sides.

Step four: Place all the pieces into a frying pan with Olive Oil. Put on low/medium heat until brown.

The crispy factor is yummy. The squash even tasted good. I am thinking that perhaps some type of spice in the flour would give this more flavor....cayanne pepper? paprika? basil? Any ideas?