Friday, December 11, 2009

Overdue Meal Plan

I am calling this the overdue meal plan not only because it is late in being posted, but because I am a week past my due date. This week we snagged some great deals at Meijer and County Market (Cub Foods) that have given us some great simple and inexpensive meals. I am still not diving into the freezer meals that I made.

Monday~ Chicken atop Spinach Salad (spinach, cranberries, chicken, avocado) stirred with dressing and served with whole wheat bread.

Tuesday~ Spaghetti

Wednesday~ Breakfast for dinner (thanks, hubby!): Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and grapefruit.

Thursday~ Leftover bacon (from yesterdays breakfast for dinner) on top of salad made with iceberg lettuce, spinach, avocado, broccoli, carrots, and tossed in dressing.

Friday~ Oh, we are totally eating out tonight!

If there is no meal plan posted in the upcoming week it is because I finally had this baby. Otherwise, expect a meal plan to be posted over the weekend.
If you do have a meijer you may want to take advantage of their Dollar deals. They have bags of apples, blackberries, avocado, lettuce, spinach, and much more produce on sale for $1. If you buy 10 you get the 11th free. We bought blackberries to freeze, a bunch of apples for applesauce, and the lettuce/spinach has given us some great salads this week.