Thursday, January 21, 2010


Where as Sarah (Frugal Table) has a house full of girlie-girls, I have a house full of boys. Thus, while messing around last night with our blog I decided to claim Meal Planning Mommies in the name of all things girlie. Ok, not completely, but I did make the blog pink~ which is pretty darn girlie. The blog is the one area of mine not overloaded with cars, dinosaurs and science experiments gone awry. It is my girl space.
Now, I just need to infuse it with lavender and have it dispense coffee at my will.......

Here is a little treat in honor of Meal Planning Mommies official return from babyville.
Sarah and I are both back! Feeling great and ready to fire up the oven!

Every day when I put my boys down for their naps I start craving something sweet. You know what I am talking about! Don't pretend that I am the only one with my head in the pantry searching for that open bag of chocolate chip morsels. :)

I have found a solution that is both healthier than previously mentioned morsels and a delight year round.

Pomegranate Tea!

Here is what you do.

Step 1: Brew fresh tea.
Step 2: Add a hint of real pomegranate juice. Just a dab will do. Its good for you!
Step 3: Slice up an orange and squeeze some juice into your tea. Add the slice right into the cup and mix it around into your ice.

Go ahead and smell the orange. It will lift your mood and give you a burst of energy.
Sit down and take a moment to think, pray, breath, and enjoy your treat.

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mayasmom23 said...

YUM! This sounds really refreshing. Thanks for sharing. I love pom juice.