Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday: Cook Out Hot Dogs

Call me crazy, but I need to be outside even on the coldest of days if but only for a brief moment. If there is an even remotely mild day this family is going to be found outdoors.

If you have a grill, fire it up!
If you have a fire pit, stack some logs in it and build a nice fire.
Bundle up. Grab your camera. Roast some hot dogs and think of summer nights!

Cast of Characters:
Hot Dogs
Roasting Sticks

What to do:
Place your dogs on the stick and roast until perfect. Plop them in the buns and run inside to get warm!

We ate our hotdogs with a side of Brocolli and Cheese, potato chips and cottage cheese.

While the hot dogs were roasting my two year old had a blast "painting" in the snow. We filled water bottles with water/food coloring and he painted.

Good times in the winter!

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