Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday: Red Beans and Rice

* I am switching Tuesday and Thursday on my meal plan this week. It just works out better for our family.

Dur, forgot the pepper in this picture. Don't forget your green pepper!

Red Beans and Rice. Take a moment to groan please. Either groan because you hate them or groan because you dream about them. Some of my most cherished food memories have been over a hot spicy plate of red beans and rice. As a disaster responder for the American Red Cross I spent three weeks in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi doing disaster work with Hurricane Katrina victims. For three weeks my meals consisted of granola bars eaten on the run from my backpack and blessed red beans and rice cooked by locals. When I came home, I made my husband drive me three hours north to the only Cajun restaurant around for you guessed it~ red beans and rice.

One of the beautiful things about this meal, aside from the hearty healthy taste, is that is cheap. We had family in town and I served TEN people this meal and spent less than seven dollars TOTAL. I repeat, I spent SEVEN DOLLARS and served TEN PEOPLE dinner. There was even a little leftover for seconds.

Grocery List

Two Large Cans of Red Beans (Kidney Beans)
Green Bell Pepper
Bay Leaves
Cayenne Pepper
Brown Rice

What to do:

This particular recipe was done in a crock pot and is not at all my favorite red beans and rice recipe. However, it is good and is easy. This was what I needed while my house was ransacked by ten other people!

1. Chop one onion and one green pepper. Put them into a crock pot.
2. Add both cans of red beans, not drained.
3. Season with several bay leaves (remove before serving).
4. Season with cayenne pepper. Add as much as you can handle, but be careful. A little goes a long way. Put in a hint of garlic.
5. Cook on low, stirring occasionally to mix all the juices together. I let mine simmer for several hours to really soften those peppers and onions into oblivion.
6. Cook your rice according to the cook time. For brown rice it is usually about 40 minutes. I use chicken broth rather than water to boil my rice.
7. Serve up that rice slathered with the red beans and extra sauce. Add a slice of corn bread on the side. I also fried up a sliced kielbasa sausage nice and brown to serve with this.

That is it! Sorry, no picture.....forget to take them amid the chaos!

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