Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A breakfast celebration...thankfulness

Alisha Hughes, Out of the Box mommy here: I am feeling compelled to share a story from Susie Larson's book today. Trusting that someone needs to hear this story. It comes from Susie's newest book: "Growing Grateful Kids". She is my new favorite author and to say that she is an inspiration with her life is a huge understatement. Read on:

One morning I awoke to the task of making breakfast for my three little ones. I looked in the cupboard but already knew what I'd find. No cereal. No oatmeal. Just an almost-empty box of pancake mix sat on the shelf. Surely the neighbors would loan me some cereal if I asked them, but I couldn't bring myself to ask them. People had already helped us on numerous occasions. I was tired of being the friend who was always in need. Besides, we had pancake mix.

Something fluttered inside of my stomach at the thought of making this a special morning in spite of our desperate financial situation. With my three little boys seated in their booster chairs around the table, I eagerly set down one big plate before them, and four forks. Before our eyes sat one large pancake with a single flickering candle standing up in the middle.

Sitting on my knees on my chair so I could lean in especially close, I asked the boys to fold their hands and then I continued, "Guys, aren't we just so blessed today? The sun is shining. We have each other. Daddy's out there working hard for us. And God provided this big giant pancake for us to have for breakfast! Let's thank Him for taking such good care of us."

Enjoying out little celebration and without skipping a beat, the boys leaned in, bowed their heads, and in their own way, thanked Jesus for our wonderful breakfast. They were giddy at the thought of an unexpected celebration. Afterwards we went outside and played together in the sandbox. That breakfast with my boys filled me with joy and taught me much about choosing a right perspective. As far as my boys were concerned, they had everything they needed. As far as I was concerned-- at least at that moment-- I did too.

Hope Susie's story blesses you today, like it blessed me. Susie's book is my new favorite "must read" for mommies. For a chance to win a copy of her book go to her blog and leave a comment.

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