Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's the Weekend!

What a relief that it is Saturday!

Ruby Anne's silly face

How many of you are still in your jammies?!? Or maybe you are the type that is up at 6, running errands and getting things checked off your to-do list! Either way- we should all breath a slow, deep breath and find ways to savor the day!

Sophie and Addie making me laugh!

How about savoring a free meal at Perkins!?

All you need to do is go to Perkins website and sign up to join their e-club (bottom right hand corner). Once you sign up for their e-club (you can sign up one per e-mail address), you will recieve a FREE entree coupon in your inbox! No strings attached! I received mine and my husband signed up to get one too. Pair that with 99 cent kids meal and you have a very FRUGAL night out with the family! Check here to find a Perkins near you.

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Carmen said...

What cute little faces. Thanks for the smile this morning. At our Perkins, kids always eat free but you still have to pay for their drink and they have jacked up the drink prices and the adult meals, in my opinion. It still cost me around $30 last time for me and my 3 kids to eat there. They do have pretty good food though. :)