Monday, March 15, 2010

A little report from our weekend

As some of your already know, from our tweeting and facebooking, meal planning mommies went out on the road this weekend and enjoyed a great mommies conference called the "Hearts At Home" conference. Just last week we posted a few facts from Well....we just happened to run into the one and only dine without whine author, Christine, at one of the booths there!!! So, of course we got a picture taken with her and we will be posting some of her meal ideas for kiddos in the near future!!! So excited. Here's a picture of us striking a pose with Christine Steendahl...Okay, one other crazy thing that happened...on my (Out of the Box mommy's) ride home I got a busted up tire half way home. What was going to be a 4 hour trip home turned into a TEN hour trip!!! Just wanted a post a pic of the tire. I was in Dwight, Illinois at the time and the sweetest guys stopped to help me. Everyone was so nice and I am happy to tell you that after the help of two college guys, one state officer, and one car mechanic, I am home safe and sound. I will tell you though, that it was a crazy night for my husband who kept having to explain to my 2 and 4 year olds why mommy is not going to be coming home before they go to bed, after all. He's a good sport. Many praises to our dear husbands who let us all go for a weekend and refresh, resulting in us come up with some fun new ideas for this site, as well as, some great times of reconnecting!

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Harley Mom said...

I am always amazed how in our times of need, someone is there to lend a hand! Wonderful how you were provided with many hands to help get you home safe! God Bless!