Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A third opinion on baby food making...

Thank you to our reader, Drea, for directing me to another helpful site. According to wholesomebabyfood.com microwaving may actually make foods "lose nutrients at a very high rate". Read this quote from their site:
"The amount of nutrients that are "destroyed" by a microwave varies by the type of food that you are cooking. There are some foods whose nutrients are retained better when microwaved than when steamed or boiled for example. Broccoli is one food that may lose a vast majority of its nutrients when microwaved, more so than any other vegetable. However the study done on broccoli and the microwave is being negated due to the methodology used."
I have been steaming fruits and vegetables, which this site says is the most preferred method of cooking. Anyone have any other insights or opinions on making baby food?

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