Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday: Bocadillo Guajolote y Queso

Little spanish for ya...
Bocadillo means sandwich
"Guajolote- pronounced WAH-HO-LO-TE" means the Turkey that says gobble gobble.
Y means and
Queso is cheese.

So, meal of the day, "Turkey and Cheese Sandwich". This is actually a sandwich I pulled together one day in my experimenting, and it is my new favorite sandwich. I decided it would be fun to name it in spanish since I throw in some salsa ranch dressing. Mmmm...

Mmmm...My mouth waters just thinking about this sandwich! To make it a meal, just add carrot chips and a fruit. Strawberries are on sale at my store this week, so we're doing strawberries. We'll also be adding soup from a can to our meal.

Sliced Turkey
Salsa Ranch dressing (I found mine at Walmart)
sliced Provolone cheese or pepper jack cheese (pepper jack tastes better in my opinion, but we happened to have provolone on hand)

I'm not going to try to make this more complicated than it is. It's a sandwich, after all. :)
Step One: Pile some turkey and some cheese onto your bread and spread on that delicious dressing. Step Two: Plop your sandwich down onto a heated up George Foreman, a waffle maker, or a pan, that has been sprayed with nonstick spray.
Step Three: Allow to cook until bread is toasted to your liking and the cheese melts into a mess of mouth-watering absolute goodness.
Step Four: Cut and serve with carrot sticks or carrot chips and some fruit.

Your turn. What is your favorite sandwich?

*Note: when I make these I just do ham and cheese or turkey and cheese for my darlings.

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vfiti said...

That looks and sounds delicious, Im going to have to try that.