Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Fun Meal Idea

So this week, as I said we were eating out of the pantry! Which meant some not so glamorous meals. Not only did I have to get creative with my meals, I had to get creative on how to make it fun to eat peanut butter- yet again!

The night before we had this meal, my friend Ashley called and wanted to know if we wanted her leftover triple chocolate bundt cake. Ummmm.... yes! I used this to my advantage the next day!

We had peanut butter and apple roll ups with carrots/dip and strawberries. For dessert- chocolate cake!

On our deck, we spread out a blanket for a picnic, but that wasn't the best part!


Yup, I let my girls eat their sooo yummy chocolate cake first and then lunch second. I know, you may be thinking- well how did you get your girls to eat their lunch when they had cake first? It actually worked out perfect b/c while we were making our lunch, my daughter said- "I know... I know! Let's decorate the cake with strawberries!" So we decorated each piece of cake with strawberries, which was the perfect combination. Honestly, my girls got tired of the chocolate cake after awhile and started eating their lunches without me saying a word!

I want to challenge you to make one meal a week a "Family Fun Meal." These were just two ideas on how to do that.: Eat dessert first, and/or have a picnic! Every week we will try and post a Family Fun Meal Idea. This might be connected to a giveaway, or it might just be something we did that week to make our Family Meal Memorable!

Here are a few pictures of our Memorable Family Fun Meal.


Elena said...

I LOVE having dessert first! Great pictures...looks like you all had a wonderful time:)

Verna said...

I think eating desert first is a great idea. 3/4 of the time when we eat out there is never any room for desert.
Love the photos.