Monday, April 5, 2010

Giveaway Winner


Congratulations to Kelly Polizzi

If you did not win, and still want a necklace, check out their website at It is such a unique gift for Mother's Day! Pull out some old photos of your family and make one for your mom, she is SURE to love it! E-mail your husband with a "hint" about what you want for Mother's Day with the link to

They are sure becoming popular necklaces where I live and everyone just raves over them when they see them!

Thanks to all of you who entered, we LOVED hearing your stories of motherhood!

Check back this week for our next giveaway! You will love it!

1 comment:

Kelly Polizzi said...

wow thank you so much! I never win anything lol. I am very excited to have one of these necklaces!