Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grilled Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Bagel Panini

I am getting creative with my meals lately. :) Proud of myself for pulling away from a cookbook, and following Sarah's lead to use what we have. This one is a made up recipe, but the concept of a ham and pineapple sandwich was inspired by a combination of a Pampered Chef sub that I made a long while back, and the amazing breakfast Panini's they sell at my church. Someday I will have to share the Pampered Chef recipe, because it was magnifico. My family was happy to eat this sandwich right up. Of course, my kids picked it apart and played with it first, but they eventually ate the thing and were very happy to do so. My picky four year old even said, "I like this sandwich". Doesn't sound like much, but TRUST ME, it is. ;)

Deli sliced ham
Pineapple rings
Dijon mustard (also called brown mustard at a fraction of the cost of the Dijon)
provolone (or Swiss) cheese
bagels (wheat or plain)

Turn your bagel sideways and slice the top and bottom off, creating a thinner bagel with two flat sides.
Open up bagel and spread on a little mayo and a little brown mustard on one side.
Put ham and pineapple on the other side.
Slap a piece of cheese on the pineapple and smoosh the bagel top to the bagel bottom, creating your sandwich.
Put your sandwich into a heated up George Foreman, sandwich maker, or waffle maker. Let it get real yummy and toasty, until the cheese melts a little. Serve with veges.

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