Thursday, April 8, 2010

Helping out an obese teen

Do any of you have a teenager that you cannot seem to get to eat healthy and is prone to obesity if they don't start eating healthy? I wanted to share a little piece of a much bigger resource that Shannon Wills posted on her site. She did an article on "100 Tools and Resources to help your obese teen". I pulled number 35-51 to give you a little glimpse of the article. She also has "best shows for obese teens, best books, best recipes," and on and on. If you are interested in reading more, click here.

Best Foods to Help Your Obese Teen

In order for teens to lose weight, families have to rethink their shopping habits. Check out the below sites for the best options at your grocery store.

    35. Kashi: Anyone looking to lose or even maintain a healthy weight will enjoy the tasty and nutritious food from Kashi. Their website has more information on food, a wellness hub, and even challenges for the individual or entire family.

    36. South Beach Living: Teens who want to lose weight while eating pizza will enjoy these foods. The website even has promotional offers, recipes, and information on all of their other foods.

    37. Whole Foods Market: If you have an obese teen and a sizeable wallet, this is the store for you. Free resources on this site include many popular recipes including black bean burgers, mango/avocado salad, and whole grain muffins.

    38. Slim Fast: Teens and families looking to lose weight can learn more about Slim Fast products and even get special offers off the website. You can also get a free weight loss tools, an online community, and even help from registered dieticians and advisors.

    39. Atkins: These products are ideal for those who consume too many carbohydrates. Get information on products, recipes, or even join the community for free.

    40. Amy’s: This line of natural and organic foods is designed for vegetarians, but obese teens can accelerate their weight loss as well. Learn about the different products available for all three meals and you can even get information on various diet plans such as gluten free and vegan.

    41. Arnold Natural Breads: A common component of weight gain and diabetes, throw out your white bread and grab one of these natural, whole grain breads. You can also get recipes, a section for mom, and even a kid’s corner.

    42. Horizon Organic: This dairy manufacturer actually has low fat chocolate organic milk to help your teen lose weight. You can also find other products, recipes, and tips for raising organic kids.

    43. Eggland’s Best Eggs: See why these eggs are a constant leader in the fight to lose weight. You can also get recipes and use the nutrition section to see how they stack up to regular eggs.

    44. BOCA Foods: Teens can lose weight with the help of these soy products easily and deliciously. They have products for every meal, use no meat, and they all contain fat fighting soy.

    45. Laura Scudder: Teens don’t have to give up peanut butter with the help of this product. Made from all natural ingredients, there is even a reduced fat variety and helpful recipes.

    46. Garden of Eatin: Have your teen switch out their greasy, fat laden potato chips for one of these. You can get recipes, place an online order, and the black bean variety is recommended.

    47. Late July: These organic snacks will keep your teen satisfied between meals. The vanilla bean with green tea cookie is ideal for those who love Oreo’s.

    48. Breyer’s: These all natural ice creams are an ideal substitute for the sugar riddled others. The low fat varieties are perfect for obese teens and you can even get healthy recipes on the site.

    49. Applegate Farms: Lose weight while eating hot dogs with the help of these products. They have many healthy options for hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.

    50. R.W. Knudsen: Have a teen who loves soda? Then get them to switch to these high nutrition, low sugar juices to have them lose weight the healthy way.

    51. Eat This, Not That: Still confused about what to buy? Then visit this site with tons of resources such as 14 best meals under 500 calories, 20 unhealthiest drinks, and 14 health foods that aren’t.

    Also, our very own Tasty Green momma devotes her entries to meals for the mom who is purposefully trying to offer only healthy, and yummy, foods at each meal.

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