Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Series: Freezing Green Beans

Grrr....I do not like wasting food! It is one of those top ten pet peeves for me. My family traveled to Texas last week and the day of the trip I cleaned out our fridge. I was able to save almost everything thanks to these little tips. Plus if you garden freezing is a great alternative to canning.

Step One: Wash your green beans, cut them how you like them, and boil them for two minutes.

Step Two: Set aside a bowl of VERY COLD water. This is for blanching the beans which will preserve them.

Step Three: Drain your beans, remove any that are brown or icky. You only want to freeze the healthy ones.

Step Four: Place your beans into the cold water. Let soak until completely cool.

Step Five: Drain the beans and bag them up! Place them in the freezer and enjoy when you come back from vacation.

Bonus~ You can do this exact same method with spinach.

Challenge: I get laughed at for this, but I encourage you to consider it. Yep, sure enough, plastic is "disposable". But, that does not mean that it should be. Rather than tossing your plastic freezer/sandwich baggies go ahead and wash them out to be used again. In three years I have bought two boxes of baggies. I wash, dry, and reuse mine until they wear out. Go for it!

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