Monday, April 5, 2010

The math on how $1 yields 17 jars of baby food!!!

I used a bag of dried yellow peas to make baby food today, because we happened to have a bag in the pantry and my baby needed some food (although typically I use green peas). I did the whole "baby food making" process: boil in water, blend in a food processor with a tad of water, and then scoop 2 Tbs. into each ice cube tray compartment. The picture below shows how much I ended up with from one bag...34 cubes of baby food.I wanted to see exactly how much I was saving by doing baby food this way. I found that when I use a bag of dried peas (that cost me $1) I can make the equivalent of 17 baby food jars (assuming you are using 1st foods baby food...which I currently am) Here's the math...
Another nice thing is that since my baby is JUST starting baby food, I only have to use one cube for a little while, so I figure this really is a huge money saver! If you figure that 1 jar of baby food can cost you about 50 cents a piece you would be saving $7.50 each time you made a bag. A savings of 88 percent!! Now, granted, you will be using other fruits and vegetables as well, but you can get those when they are on a great sale and save yourself a bundle.

For a blog entry on how to make your own baby food, go here.

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The Jordans said...

Isn't it so great what you can create with a little bit of time... It is so worth the time. In less than 2 hours I had made enough baby food to last me a month!